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3D Printed DabVac™ Deluxe
3D Printed DabVac™ Deluxe

3D Printed DabVac™ Deluxe

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HEADDIES® 3D Printed DabVac™ Deluxe

  • Universal Fitting: Fits all 14mm and 19mm Male and Female Water Pipes
  • Reclaim Collector / Wand Holder
  • Removable Dish: Acts as a great storage device that includes a silicone lid. Allows you to keep all your flavors separated for quick and easy change over in the 3D Printed DabVac™. Pick-up a spare dish or two if you're a person who likes to have a variety.
  • 10 color options: Have one for different occasions or different water pipe set-ups.
Please watch the video above for more information.

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