Headdies Brothers unveil $55,000 Undead Nectar Dragon Bong
The Headdies® Brothers unveil a $55,000 glass 6 foot Undead Nectar Dragon collab with Hicdogg, Raven Designs and Kristian Merwin.  This glass bong is super heady and took over one year to make. Watch the Headdies® Brothers take apart and put back together this glass collector's dream pipe. The 6 Foot Nectar Dragon is a modular glass pipe design that can be setup as a nectar collector, sherlock, bong or dab rig.  This beautiful work of glass pipe art captures the spirit of an ancient undead dragon in its many phases of  utility.  This unique pipe took over one year to complete from concept to design and with the magnet slipfit being a first in the industry the collect ability of this piece will be unsurpassed. This amazing pipe will be the crown jewel in any glass pipe collection!

"The 6 Foot Nectar Dragon is a project that I began over a year ago with @hicdogg during a visit he made to my studio. We had been talking about making a glass baby for quite some time before the visit and by the time he arrived we were pretty fired up. We decided to do something on a scale and level of complexity beyond anything either of us had ever attempted before. This piece is the result. Actually with its modular construction it is 4 pieces in one.... but more on that later. Once @ravendesigns caught wind of what we were up to he was all in and oh man without his exquisite electroforming the dragon would not be the museum piece that it is. The 6 Foot Nectar Dragon was purchased by the fine fellows @headdies during the @champstradeshows winter show in Las Vegas. I’d like to give a super big thank you to them for buying this piece and supporting our industry"
-Kristian Merwin