1-833-HEADDIES (432-3343)
DabVac™ Deluxe Reclaim Edition
HEADDIES® DabVac™ Deluxe Reclaim

DabVac™ Deluxe Reclaim Edition

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6 Ground Joint Sizes
Part Number:DVRC
  • Body Material:Borosilicate Glass
  • Wand Material:HEADDIES® Quartz
  • Dust Cap Material:Silicone with raised BEE Logo

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Ground Joint Size
19mm Male
19mm Female
14mm Male
14mm Female
10mm Male
10mm Female

HEADDIES® DabVac™ Deluxe Reclaim Edition

Driven by the desire of innovation, HEADDIES® created the Original DabVac™ which revolutionized dabbing. Now the deep thinkers at HEADDIES® have stepped up their game again with the DabVac™ Deluxe Reclaim Edition. This has all the proven attributes of the the Original DabVac™ along with some extra features. The built in wand holder that doubles as the Reclaim catcher. The High-Temp Quartz Wand heats faster saving you time and butane. Check out the video above to learn more about the DabVac™ Deluxe Reclaim Edition.

  • High Quality Water-Pipe Adapter
  • Reclaim Collector/Wand holder
  • Surgical Grade Latex Hose
  • Silicone Dish Cap with raised BEE Logo
  • Thick HEADDIES® Quartz Wand

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