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HEADDIES® 8-Inch-Beaker-Black-Hole

8" HEADDIES® Beaker Black Hole

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New for 2020 Headdies® Hits Hard™ campaign!  Our glass blowing team redesigned our 8-inch bong to THAT NEXT LEVEL SH*T!  We put a custom tooled glass on glass ground joint to set us apart from that generic frosted crap.  The down-stem was also customized with proprietary perk slits to provide and even smoother chug.  We literally designed over 12 diffferent percs and this one being used won hands down during product testing.  We added more glass to make the new water pipes more balanced and durable.  A custom wooden box designed to protect and display this beautiful bong. Finally to put a cherry on top we included our famous key chain grinder card, K-Clip and wooden Headdies coaster.  This 8-inch tube has everything you would ever need in a small package. This piece is American made and reassures durability with only premium glass materials.  Please enjoy our one minute glass video with closeups of the Black Hole 8 inch bong great for first time tokers or veterans!

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