The Headdies Road Crew™ Episode one airs on Youtube and Igtv on December 26th 2019 the day after Christmas!  In the first episode the boys load up the van and set out on the road to visit the oldest head shop in the country The Cupboard of Cincinnati Ohio.  Along the way they get side tracked and stop at the house where the famous Christmas Story movie was filmed.  Jared, finding out Yosh has never seen the movie, proceeds to enlighten him on how to not shoot your eye out with a Red Ryder bb gun and how f-r-a-g-i-l-e is not a fancy Italian word for expensive.  The next day they arrive in Cincinnati and meet the The Cupboard fam.  They are mesmerized by the all the amazing American Pipe Art tucked away in every nook and cranny of this head shop.  Yosh gets all peace, love and happiness and gets a little back story on the oldest head shop in the USA.  The Headdies Road Crew is a web doc reality tv series that brings the audience on a journey to one of the last bastions of main street Americana and explore the underground American glass pipe art scene.