The Headdies Road Crew™ Episode three airs on Youtube and Igtv on January 9th 2020!  In the third episode the boys load up the van and set out on the road to visit Mad Hatter's Hideaway in Rochesester New York.  While enroute Yosh decides to show Jared Buttermilk Falls in Ithaca and stay over night for a jam sesh.  On the road again the next day they reach Mad Hatter's Hideaway. The guys are treated to the backroom "hideaway" where some of the sickest glass pipes Rochester has to offer can be found.  The owner and the glass purveyors at the store share some of their favorite pipes and their opinion on the glass scene. The Headdies Road Crew is a web doc reality tv series that brings the audience on a journey to one of the last bastions of main street Americana and explore the underground American glass pipe art scene.